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Fat Bros Skateshop Photo Show – Tokyo, Japan

A couple of weeks ago while in Japan on assignment, I put together a small photo show at Fat Bros Skateshop in Nakano, Tokyo, with the help of Takahiro Morita and FESN.  The show featured a selection of prints with skate and portrait photography from the past year or so including photos from my zine Sakura, and other recently published work. Fat Bros also made a limited edition t-shirt to commemorate the occasion. Overall everything was a great success and I’m extremely grateful to all of my friends in Tokyo who helped make it happen and were able to come out for the opening night.


Thank you! See you again soon!

Photo recap below.




SAKURA Zine Now Available!

SAKURA is officially for sale exclusively in the Milk Gallery online store!

Shot in under two weeks in Japan, in the spring of 2016, “Sakura” explores how skateboarding interacts with the cherry blossom filled cityscape of Tokyo during this brief moment of the year when they are in bloom.

Limited edition of only 150 copies.
Featuring Takahiro Morita of Far East Skate Network
Designed by Mike Sikora
Published by the Milk Gallery.

Pick up a copy here!

Click here to watch the accompanying short film produced by FESN and myself.

And read some press on the zine from Vice and Creators Project here.


The News Jams at the Spot

Don’t mean to be redundant but the BQE’s getting tons of awesome new additions all the time. Here’s Peter Brock shredding the quarter and the hump with a steezy front rock, and frontside nosegrab.

Skate Brooklyn!

Took advantage of the wonderful effects of global warming during this warm February to get out and do some skating and shooting around Brooklyn with my friend Greg Theophall this weekend. Enjoy.


New Graphic for 2nd Nature

My second deck graphic for 2nd Nature Skateshop . It will be available this summer.

2nd Nature Owl Deck and Shirts

The skateboard deck and t-shirts I did for 2nd Nature Skateshop are in. Check them out here, or go see for yourself in person!

(sorry for the poor resolution on this last one, don’t have it myself yet, had to pull it off their site)