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Theory of Movement


Excited to share this cover for “Theory of Movement”, an upcoming album from new label Duke’s Distribution, and producers Grant and Dan Piu.  The cover features an outtake photo of Takahiro Morita captured while shooting for my zine, Sakura. You can read some press on the new album and listen to some clips off of it here.




An Interview with Todd Francis, Skateboard Artist & Visual Instigator


“only a handful of artists have stuck around skateboarding long enough to not only tell its story, but have any type of arc or evolution. Still pissed, still “shitty,” and still a part of skateboarding, Francis is absolutely at his best when he’s at his worst.”

I had the amazing pleasure of meeting and photographing Todd Francis for THE HUNDREDS, on the night of his exhibition “Worst of the Worst” at House of Vans, which chronicled two decades of graphics with Anti-Hero skateboards. Head over to their site to read the full interview by Anthony Pappalardo.



2nd Nature Owl Deck and Shirts

The skateboard deck and t-shirts I did for 2nd Nature Skateshop are in. Check them out here, or go see for yourself in person!

(sorry for the poor resolution on this last one, don’t have it myself yet, had to pull it off their site)

New Ad


I am very happy to announce that I have recently been invited to join the Keystone Design Union : a worldwide network of over 1,000 artists in 48 countries. My work, along with theirs, can now also be seen here .