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#AsianFoodMafia for Brooklyn Magazine

Here are the tear sheets from the story I shot for Brooklyn Magazine on the #AsianFoodMafia – a group of like minded Asian chefs attempting to change the perception and culture surrounding Asian cuisine in New York City, as well as the way chefs work with each other, in order to create a proactive and supportive community within the industry.

The story can be seen in the February issue, available on newsstands now.
Read the article online here, or pick up a copy to find out more.



Yellow Eyes “Sick With Bloom” Album Release, with Vilkacis

On December 11th, Brooklyn based black metal band, Yellow Eyes , played an incredible show at the Acheron to celebrate the release of their new EP, “Sick With Bloom”, on Gilead Media. Here are some photos, along with a few of supporting act, Vilkacis.










Yellow Eyes


Yellow Eyes


Yellow Eyes


Yellow Eyes

Takahiro Morita for Transworld Skate Japan

Takhiro Morita has been a major force in the Japanese skate scene for over two decades. But it was only about 2 years ago that I met him at the New York premier of French skate company Magenta‘s video: Soleil Levant. The video itself was awesome, but I found Morita’s part in it to be truly inspiring. Not only did he skate with alluring style and amazingly creative tricks, his part was inter-spliced with crazy and cool artistic visuals of brains and weird wavelengths, all cut together at a dizzying speed that matched his skating. After the video was over, I decided I had to introduce myself.

We spent the rest of the night hanging out with the Magenta crew and other skaters from New York, and went skating the next day to try and get some photos. Those photos eventually ran in the Japanese publication VHS, and then later in the March 2015 issue of Transworld Skate Japan.

This summer, Morita made it back to New York. We spent a full week skating every day and I’m happy to say that the photos we got that week are now part of Morita’s bi-lingual cover story in the current issue of TWSJ. They make up part of Morita’s “Love From Far East” – a story about his skating and how it has enabled him to travel around the world for over 25 years.

Accompanying the issue is a DVD that highlights Morita’s skate career. The cover of it is a photo I took of Morita during a rainy midnight venture to Times Square.

Check it out below. For more photos, head to colegiordano.com.

(Click to enlarge and read.)

TWSJ Spread - Oct. 2015

TWSJ Spread - Oct. 2015

TWSJ DVD Cover - Oct 2015

Spread from TWSJ March 2015.

TWSJ Spread - March, 2015

New Editorials for Brooklyn Magazine

I recently shot a couple of editorials for Brooklyn Magazine. Taking a culinary turn, I photographed the owner of Strong Rope Brewery, a new brewery opening next month in Gowanus Brooklyn, and a story on global cocktail trends and the top bars in New York to experience them. Here are some of my favorite photos from each one. Read the full stories via the links below.

Strong Rope Brewery

Cocktail Trends


mace cocktail pandan

Website Updates!

Just made a bunch of new additions to my website including some new skate photos, travel series, and some of my favorites  shots from Brooklyn’s Northside Festival with Against Me!, Sannhet, Cayetanna, Viet Cong, and more.

Please take a look: www.colegiordano.com!


Northside Festival, 2015

I had a ton of fun shooting 5 shows in 4 days, and a tech panel, for Brooklyn Magazine and Northside Festival this past weekend. It was the 7th annual occurrence of Northside Festival and I had the privilege of shooting bands Against Me! (making highschool, and current me, very excited), Viet Cong, Sannhet, Girl Band, Gun Outfit, Mitski, Fred Thomas, Cayetana, and more.

Click here to see their full photo recap. Extras to come.

Northside 2015


Hardcore Punk “super group”, OFF!, at Europa Nightclub, Greenpoint, Brooklyn.






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